Educating New Yorkers about the growing threat of surveillance.

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Are You Being Watched?

The government may be compiling a database of innocent Americans deemed “suspicious”… could you be on it?

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The Impact of Surveillance

What are the repercussions of government surveillance and how does it impact the mental health of innocent New Yorkers who are targeted?

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NYPD Methods and Technology

From mobile x-ray vans to social media monitoring… how is the NYPD collecting data on you and how is it being used?

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Get Involved

Become a volunteer or attend an event to learn how you can help preserve your privacy today.

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Muslims are about 3% of NYC’s population, but were the target of 95% of the NYPD’s surveillance of political activity in 2016.*

At a time when Islamophobia and hate run rampant and marginalized people are steadily being stripped of their rights, it is imperative for NYers of all stripes to stand up against hate and the structures and policies that allow it to flourish.

*According to a 2016 report from the New York Inspector General.


Hold the NYPD Accountable

CAIR-NY recently called on all NY City Council Members to support the POST Act, a vital bill that would protect New Yorkers’ civil rights.  The POST ACT would require the NYPD to disclose the expanding array of surveillance tools it’s using to spy on our city.