NYPD Surveillance Tools and Methods

The NYPD uses military-grade technology to watch and track the lives of innocent New Yorkers. Tools such as mobile x-ray vans and facial recognition are commonplace in the city’s surveillance of everyday civilians.



The Mental Health Effects of Surveillance

Research has shown that government surveillance leads to heightened levels of stress, fatigue and anxiety, fosters distrust, and reduces our sense of personal control. As illustrated by the experiences of Muslim students across the State, being subject to a surveillance regime can impact one’s ability to form healthy and meaningful relationships with other people



The Post Act

The Post Act would establish transparency so that citizens and elected lawmakers are aware of what surveillance technologies are being purchased, and how they are being used, so that we can have an open debate about how they might compromise your privacy rights



Government Watchlist

Did you know that the government has secretly characterized several individuals as threats or potential threats to national security and put them on a watch list? Thousands of innocent New Yorkers might be on a watch list, and you might be one of them.


Countering Violent Extremism (CVE)

CVE programs rely on faulty science and practices in an attempt to prevent individuals’ from becoming extremists.


Targeting of Muslims

Muslim communities in the New York area have been ethnically and religiously profiled and unconstitutionally surveilled by law enforcement at an astounding rate. A 2016 investigation of NYPD practices by the Office of the Inspector General found that while Muslims make up only about 3% of New York City’s population, we were the targets of 95% of the NYPD’s surveillance.