Facts and Figures

the NYPD is America’s largest police force, with more employees than the fbi.

The NYPD is composed of 34,000 uniformed officers and 51,000 employees overall. The FBI, in comparison, has 35,000 total employees.

Due to a loophole in New York City law, the NYPD can fund purchases of military-grade technology with private donations, thereby reducing the room for oversight by City Council.

The NYPD is using surveillance technology such as “Stingrays”, “X-ray” vans, automatic license plate readers, and facial recognition programs to track and collect data on innocent New Yorkers.

Muslims make up only 3% of New York City’s population but they were the targets of 95% of the NYPD’s surveillance.

Since at least 2002, the NYPD’s intelligence Division engaged in the unjustified religious profiling and surveillance of Muslims in New York City and beyond.

The NYPD surveillance program extends beyond New York City; convering every mosque within 100 miles of the city, extending into Pennsylvania, Conneticut, New Jersey, and more.