Anti-Surveillance Project

The Anti-Surveillance Project was established by CAIR-NY to preserve every New Yorker’s right to privacy and security.

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New York City has historically been a diverse hub of cultures, races, religions, and communities. The Anti-Surveillance Project was established by CAIR-NY on the basis that New Yorkers from every walk of life deserve the same rights and dignity afforded to all. The NYPD has profiled innocent citizens based on their religion, race, and ethnicity for decades. Since at least 2002, this profiling has disproportionately impacted Muslims in New York City and beyond.

This problem is especially pertinent now as the NYPD has been quietly amassing military-grade technology to collect data on and track innocent New Yorkers with no notice, discussion, or oversight. These law enforcement tools, like other tools in the past, are being used to disproportionately target marginalized communities, including communities of color and immigrant communities.

The Anti-Surveillance Project seeks to educate New Yorkers about the prevalence and methods of surveillance, and empower the public through community organizing and civic engagement specifically focused on ending these abusive practices.